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What can you store?

We are open NONSTOP

You can use your safe deposit box 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year. Our client centre is available NONSTOP as well.

Robotic system

We use sytem SafeStore Auto by company GUNNEBO. This system is fully automatized and the information about which box belongs to which client is store only in this system. All manipulation is carried out in fully enclosed strong rooms, and thus outside access or intervention is not possible. This ensures that the contents of a safe deposit box are protected already on the way to the central vault and the whole process is resistant to human error.

Security class X (10)

We meet the safe requirements of Class 10 level security vaults of central banks. The automatized system ensures that the vault door remains always closed.

Insurance of the content

Each safe deposit box is insured for 300 000 CZK for your feeling of safety. The whole safe is insured for 500 000 000 CZK. There is a possibility of increasing the sum with no maximum limit.

100% discretion

All the dispensing points are without camera system. Self-service system supplied by the Swedish company Gunnebo does not require any assistence of our staff.

Finger print scanner

You can use finger print like one of the security elements to acces you safe - deposit box. After first visit your finger print will be converted into vector lines and after that into numeric code. There is no chance to reconstruct or assign code to particular person.

Quick acces

There are six dispensing points, standart process takes no longer than 5 minutes. The time you can spend in the dispensing point is limited to 5 + 2 minutes but you can extend it if you need to.

Protection from the elements

The vault rooms are waterproof and fireproof and they are maintained at room temperature with stable humidity. They are equipped with an autonomous fire protection system that evaluates air molecules.

Disposition right to other people

Only you decide who will have access to stored objects. Through your authorization, any number of registered persons may have access to the safe deposit box.

SMS notification

It monitors each usage of the safe deposit box. With the option of an SMS message informing you of access of the safe deposit box, you can be certain that access will be impossible without your knowledge. In the event of any access to the safe deposit box, you will be immediately informed via SMS to the chosen phone number.


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