How safe are the 24SAFE vaults?

We reject all compromise in the area of security. 24SAFE vaults meet the standards of security grade 10 at the level of security of central bank safes. Physical security is supplemented by a 24/7 monitoring and warning system and a security agency personnel are always present. The automated system always keeps the vault doors closed and every service entry is subject to notarial supervision. Our vaults are the only waterproof vaults in the Czech Republic and an autonomous fire alarm system is installed in them. The vault protection system comprises other elements which cannot be made public for security reasons.

What is a service entrance?

Entry for a regular robot service check (similar to your car's service check). If necessary, an extraordinary service entry to repair a faulty state of the technology.

In what circumstances is the vault opened?

The vault is opened in the event of a servicing intervention. It is done by a trained technician from the company GUNNEBO in the presence of 24SAFE authorized persons and supervised by a notary.

What is a vault?

The vault is certified according to ČSN EN 1143-1:2013 and ISO/IEC 17067:2014, security grade 10 CD, including safe doors meeting the same standards. The vault contains the safe deposit boxes and a robotic control system.

Can someone access the content of my box without using my personal card, PIN and key?

Your box can only be called to the dispensing point by means of your personal chip card and PIN. Your box cannot be called with any other card or any other way. If a servicing intervention is needed, it is necessary to enter a safe chamber. The access is subject to a stringent security protocol. Owing to technical and security measures, only a sufficient number of persons can enter the safe. The entire process is supervised by a camera system, security guards, and a notary.

Who can find out whether I have a box at 24SAFE and how?

Only persons you inform accordingly. Unlike banks, 24SAFE is not duty-bound to notify the Czech National Bank (“CNB”). CNB may demand from banks requisite data, including information about owners of accounts and safe deposit boxes. 24SAFE does not have this obligation and is totally anonymous in this respect.

Do I have a greater degree of security in a bank?

Banks’ legal guarantees are the same as those of non-banking institutions renting safe deposit boxes.

Can I access my box during a power outage?

Yes, the entire safe deposit box access system and all other operating and safety controls are connected to backup generators with an unlimited time of operation. If a blackout occurs, you will not notice.

What can I and can't I store in the safe deposit box?

Practically anything can be stored in the safe deposit box, to a limit of 25 kg, which is contrary operating conditions. Operating conditions prohibit the storage of weapons, ammunition, chemicals, explosives, flammable or otherwise dangerous objects, as well as perishable items (eg. Food) and objects whose storing in a safe deposit box would be contrary to generally binding regulations.

I have physical limitations. It is building wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the 24SAFE building is wheelchair accessible, including the issue terminal. The requirement for wheelchair access, however, for technical reasons must be reported at the time of registration or renting. Simultaneously, you can contact our staff who will be happy to help you anytime.

Is access somehow limited by the number of accesses per day?

The number of visits to the safe deposit box is not limited.

Do I need to identify myself at the entrance to the building somehow?

No, to access your safe deposit box you have to use your access card.

How long does issue of stored items take?

Dispensing box is quick, including security procedure takes an average of five minutes.

It is possible to park near the 24SAFE building?

Yes, there are some parking spaces in front of the entrance to the 24SAFE building. It is also possible to park in the underground car parks of the Palladium, Kotva and Marriot Hotel.

Can I set up a safe deposit box even if I am not yet 18 years old?

The establishment of a safe deposit box is subject to full legal capacity, therefore, prior to your 18th birthday, a safe deposit box can be set up only if you have been legally empowered.

Are the store items insured in some way?

All items stored in the safe deposit boxes are insured. More information about insurance and insurance options can be found here.

What are the opening hours?

24SAFE has nonstop service. Access to safe deposit boxes is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of holidays. Operating hours of the administrative section are the same.

It is possible to get an overview of which of the authorized holders accessed the safe deposit box and when?

Yes. There is a SMS monitoring service, that will inform you about any access to the safe deposit box immediately through text messages.

Can someone else beside myself personally pick up stored items?

Yes. At the branch, you can specify any number of joint holders, who can access your safe deposit box. Each holder must be registered in the system of 24SAFE. Based on registration the joint holder will receive their own card, but can only obtain the key to the safe deposit box from the owner of the safe deposit box.

Who has access to my safe deposit box?

Only you have the access to your safe deposit box, or those whose access to the safe deposit box is authorized by you. Each handler of the safe deposit box must be registered in the system of 24SAFE.

What if I lose the card and the keys?

Contact customer service either by phone at +420 222 866 866, e-mail or through an authorized request from your account on the 24SAFE website.

Has the safe constant temperature?

In the vault, where the safe deposit boxes are kept is a constant room temperature maintained and it is about 23-27 ° C.

How much is the rent of safe deposit boxes?

Prices per month are based on the size of the rented safe deposit box and the period for which you rent the safe deposit box. The smallest boxes are available starting at CZK 450 / month, detailed information can be found in the price list here.

How do I set up a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box can be set up online or directly at the 24SAFE branch, upon presentation of identifying documents. Czech citizens thus must present a valid identity card, and foreign residents a valid passport. It is also necessary to own a mobile phone, state your email address and pay the rent on site, either in cash or by credit card.

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